Choosing a Palette

We offer several options for metal combination palettes, and any of them could be the perfect choice for your beautiful custom piece! An important element to consider when making your selection is the different levels of contrasts of the palettes. Some are more subtle than others, and it just depends on your preference and the look you want for your ring! 

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Noble Mokume Gane: An Education on the Art Form

As many of you may know we have spoken a few times about mokume gane, what it is and how its made. Our original blog post here "What is Mokume" states:

"Mokume gane is an ancient metalworking technique in which layers of base and/or precious metals are alloyed together with heat and pressure, then twisted, carved, and forged to create beautiful organic patterns. Mokume Gane is Japanese and translates to "wood eye metal" which reflects the wood grain patterning admired by the Japanese craftsmen. This rare metal lamination process is similar to Damascus and was developed and used by Japanese swordsmiths in the 17th century to adorn samurai swords."

But as of late we have seen many pieces of jewelry flooding the market under the umbrella of "mokume" or "mokume gane".  Arn and I have begun looking into what determines if something is or is not mokume in the traditional sense. We want to make sure that our customers understand what they are buying and what the differences are in the landscape of this amazing, valuable, and skillful craft. 

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How to Find Your Ring Size

Sizing is such a crucial component of creating (and purchasing) rings. However, often times it can be a confusing and tricky process, especially for those not used to wearing rings! Many are not aware of how a ring should actually fit, but we’re here to help. Sizing is an art and not a science, but Arn has some tips to make it a little easier to figure out.

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