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Arn Krebs Mokume Gane is a family-owned studio specializing in custom Mokume Gane wedding rings.

Mokume Gane is an ancient metalworking technique in which layers of precious metal are alloyed together with heat and pressure, then twisted, carved, and forged to create beautiful organic patterns. My Mokume patterns are made in various combinations of yellow gold, red gold, silver, and palladium. In my many years of making Mokume I’ve developed the skill set to make bands that resemble wood grain, topographical canyons, oceanic waves, and other natural formations. I take pride in the custom nature of the work and offer the widest selection of Mokume patterns that you will see at any shop.

All Mokume rings are available in any size, width, profile, pattern, metal combination and finish. Select a stone from our inventory, have us find something special, or provide your own stone for setting. All rings are made individually from start to finish and so will be completely custom. Please note that all Mokume patterns are unique and so will vary slightly from those pictured.
My Mokume rings are heirloom quality and will wear as well as any solid gold ring. Years of experience using solid state diffusion bonding and the use of specialized aerospace material compression blocks make my billet lamination top quality, providing a material as strong as any solid metal.

Custom Work

Arn Krebs Mokume would be happy to help bring your custom creation to life, and breathe fresh air into your heirloom stones and metal! In general we prefer to source our own stones to ensure their cut, specifications, and quality, that said we can work with yours on a case-by-case basis. We will review your stones and talk with you about the options.

Custom made projects are a collaborative endeavor between our customer & AKM and studio team. Please keep in mind that custom projects are entireley handmade and unique – with that comes an organic element to the process, and things never come out exactly as expected. Mokume Gane can never be made the same way twice! We’re eager to accommodate your vision within the AKM aesthetic!
The AKM studio is currently accepting custom projects, please contact the studio directly to learn more. 

Learn More

We offer complimentary, half-hour design consultations in our Warren studio or via phone and email. Custom design projects can range beteween 2-6 months for design and completion from date of deposit. We require a 50% deposit which acts as a signed contract is required upon estimate approval. Please note that custom and bespoke pieces are non-refundable, non-exchangeable as they are designed for only you. Arn Krebs Mokume is not liable for loss or any damages to your stones during the design process.


Love an Arn Krebs Mokume piece but want to add a personal touch? The studio offers bespoke options to most pieces from our collections. Please contact the studio directly for inquiries and further details. Please note that bespoke altered pieces are non-refundable, non-exchangeable.

Custom vs. Bespoke

Our bespoke options are studio-approved alterations to existing AKM designs, while custom orders are designed from the ground up. This requires much more communication time, as well as trial and error, than a bespoke alteration.

Custom Designs

Custom Design From Scratch

For simple changes to existing designs, there is no charge.

For new designs, there is a $300 custom design fee added to all projects. This includes in depth discussion of the project and photo references or hand sketches of the proposed design. If more changes need to be made after the initial design has been agreed upon a $200 sketches fee will apply.

In Person Design With Arn

Arn is available for in-person design work and consultation from Mon-Fri 10-5. Hand sketches are performed on-site.

M-F Sessions are $100. 

Special weekend appointments can be arranged for $200.

Please email us at info@arnkrebsmokume or call (401) 287-8050 if you'd like to schedule an appointment.

Customization Options


I specialize in Mokume patterns and can offer a wide selection of options. The pattern descriptions are meant to give a general idea of the look of the ring, but please keep in mind that every item is individually made by hand and will inevitably vary from other rings in the same pattern category.

All mokume patterns are achieved by one of two processes; carving or forging. Guri Bori mokume requires the most involved carving, resulting in a ring that has recesses or layers that resemble topography. Other carved patterns include the wood grain pattern, the twist pattern, and the droplet patterning. Forged patterns include end grain pattern, wave pattern, flow pattern, bookmatched endgrain, as well as others.

Please note that all mokume patterns are unique and so will vary from those pictured. The images in the listings are meant to give a general idea of the look of the ring, but please keep in mind that every item is individually made by hand and will inevitably vary from other rings in the same pattern category.


All my rings can be made in any width. I recommend that you fit a strip of paper around your finger in various widths in order to get a sense of what width suits your hand and taste.

Please note that the mokume patterns shown in our listings will vary depending on your ring size and the width of the ring. In order to maintain the proportions of the pattern, a larger ring size would call for a wider band, and a smaller ring size would call for a thinner band. 

Metal Combinations

All of my metals are responsibly sourced. I use 14k & 18K yellow gold, 14k red gold, sterling silver, and palladium. My mokume involves any combination of these metals, as the listings will picture. I prefer using palladium over white gold, as the two are indistinguishable visually and palladium has far better wear characteristics.

We also offer custom billets if you would like a combination that we do not stock. Please inquire!


All mokume rings are available in an etched or satin finish.
Etched rings containing silver can also have an oxidized finish that turns the silver a dark gray/black hue. Please note that although the oxidization treatment is stable and durable the black color of oxidized silver is a surface treatment and can be worn off or degraded by some chemicals. Your own body chemistry and lifestyle will affect the lifespan of the treatment.

I only oxidize rings that have been etched as this provides protection from wear as the silver layers are recessed. In my experience this technique can last years and I am always happy to re oxidize your ring any time.

Additional Customizations

Other available customizations include tapering, lining the interior of the ring in a layer of a single metal, and adding railings or milgrain lining to the ring to frame the mokume.

I am happy to work with you to achieve whatever other ideas you have for your custom piece. If you don’t see the characteristic you’d like pictured, do not hesitate to ask if it’s something I can do.


Upon receiving your deposit I will mail you a set of ring sizers that correspond to the sizing scale I use in studio. The sizers are in full and half sizes but all of my rings can be made to quarter sizes as well. I ask that you measure your finger at different times of the day throughout a span of 2-3 days. The average of several measurements should be the most accurate ring size for you.I  make every effort to get ring size correct first time, but fingers fluctuate size throughout the day and season, so sometimes rings do not fit perfectly out of the box. I recommend wearing the ring a bit as it may actually fit correctly. If it is not the right size I will resize the ring for a $65 fee with the customer paying shipping to me and I will pay return shipping. 

All of our bands can be sized both up and down a full size without any change in pattern. Sizing rings beyond one size may require the addition or subtraction of material which could effect the pattern.


For all custom work we require a half down deposit before beginning production. The remaining balance is due upon the shipment of your order. Should you prefer smaller incremental payments let us know and we will work with you to set up a plan that accommodates your needs. 

All of our listings are priced based on the cost of the band and do not include the cost of stones. We are happy to find gemstones for you, or to use yours in a custom creation.

We ask for a 20% finders fee on all stones valued at $500 or more. Should you prefer to provide your own stones, Arn Krebs Arts will not be responsible for their quality. Upon receiving your stone I will assess it's quality and inform you of any risk and liability issues that I foresee if it is used.

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