Build Your Custom Mokume Ring

  • Explore patterns, finishes, profiles, stone settings and placements. There are so many beautiful ways to express yourself through an Arn Krebs mokume-gane ring.

  • Start building your ring by choosing your pattern. This is the first step in building your own ring. Once you select your palette, the screen will refresh and other options appear!

  • Build your options. Explore patterns, finishes, profiles, stone settings, and placements. Guide: How To Find Your Ring Size | Guide: Choosing a Width That's Right for You | Guide: Choosing a Palette


  • Extra Options: Finally, choose your contour, finish, liner, gemstones, and gem details.

Step 1: Explore Patterns, Finishes & More

Use these sliders to examine your many options. Then, go to the ring-builder and select the options you want for your ring. Our website will give you an approximate quote. Then, let's talk! We'll review your options, finalize a quote, and send you sizers so we can get the right measurment for your ring.





stone settings

stone placement

Step 2: Choose. Start by Choosing a Pattern

Now choose one of the nine metal combination/palettes below. Once you've clicked your selected palette, you'll be able to see "STEP 3," and add on the rest of your options.

Step 3: Build. Now Build Your Ring!

Now that you've selected your pattern, select your other options using the dropdown selectors on the right.

Echo Pattern

echo_Echo Pattern
Starting at $1,610.00

Band Width
Stone Settings
Stone Placement
Extra Options


Step 4: Extra Options

Add design elements to your ring by adding a rail, liner, stratum, or ridge line to customize your band! Arn has developed the "ridge line" and the "stratum layer" as unique features that are inspired by mountain ridges, and layers of earth. Choose what suits you best!

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