Elegant Mixed Sapphires Mokume Gane Ring

Rustic but elegant mokume ring with white and blue sapphires.

Design Details


Stones: 1 2.25mm Montana Sapphire, 2 1.5mm White Sapphires




Guri Bori




Low Dome





Setting 1:

Flush Settings



Starting at $3160
Production time: Please inquire
This Mokume Gane ring is patterned in the "Guri Bori" style which leaves the carved surface as relief showing the layers like topographic lines which match the contours of the carving. Reminiscent of swirling water, clouds, wind blown snow or canyons this ring has a unique tactile beauty. This ring is made in our Flare palette with an etched finish to enhance the texture of this dimensional pattern, with small diamonds of assorted sizes placed organically around the stone to complement the peaks of the Guri Bori.

Prices do NOT include the cost of stones or setting fees.
Customization options available! All Arn Krebs Mokume Gane Rings are CUSTOM and made-to-order. Rings are available in any size, width, profile, pattern, metal combination and finish. All rings are made individually from start to finish, so each one is completely unique and will vary slightly from what is pictured. Variations in color and patterning are natural features of Mokume Gane and photos shown are for illustration purposes only.


Learn more about the design details in this listing.

Guri Bori

Discover our blog articles related to this listing.

Designing Your Ring!

We know that designing your ring can feel daunting with so many options to choose from so we have put together this guide to explain the options.

Ordering Online~ Please see our design guide to choose your rings size, width, pattern, palette, and any stones or add ons that you might like. From there reach out to us and we can build you a quote, discuss timeline, and send an invoice for 50% deposit to get your order into our work queue.

Seeing Rings in Person~We make every piece to order so we don’t have a large collection of rings on hand, once the ring has been made and photographed its off to its new owner! We do have an intimate collection of already made rings that are ready to size and ship. These samples may not necessarily be the pattern, size or width that you are interested in but you’ll be able to see what metal colors look like in person and get a feel for Arn’s craftsmanship. You can choose which ring(s) you would like to see from our available now section which is the inventory we currently have in stock. You can find a link to our available rings here. If you would like to see any of these rings in person please know that our showroom operates on limited hours and is by appointment only. The fastest way to be in touch and to book an appointment is via email.

Showroom Hours of Availability

~by Appointment only~

9am – 2pm, M-F

Call us at: (401) 287-8050

Email us: info@arnkrebsmokume.com

Seeing Rings By Mail~ To see any of our available now rings by mail please reach out to us and let us know what you are interested in seeing. The cost of the Ring Sample mail program is $100-$300 depending on how many rings you would like to see. Up to 3 at ($100 per ring) This fee covers shipping and insurance and is non-refundable. If you decide to proceed with your order, we will apply $75 per ring towards your order. Rings may be kept for up to 48 hours. We ask for a copy of your driver’s license and your credit card info to authorize the full retail value of the rings in the event that they are not returned to us with 48 hours. Please be mindful that these rings are your responsibility while they are in your possession.

Tension Set Ring!

Arn just completed this beautiful tension set style ring! We love tension settings, they create such a fantastical illusion of the stone floating. Arn documented his process in creating this design, from stock billet to forming and patterning, to setting the stone and finishing the ring.

This ring also features one of Arn’s signature patterns, Guri Bori, inspired by the natural landforms and topography of the western US. The added thickness needed for this style of setting really helps to create that mountainous look!

Mokume Maker Insights - Why Silver?

We have noticed many questions lately regarding the quality and longevity of mokume rings that contain silver, so we wanted to take some time to talk about why we choose to include silver in our mokume palettes, and the benefits this metal brings to creating beautiful and heirloom quality rings.

One of the primary reasons we use silver is for visual contrast! Silver is able to be either the lightest or darkest color in a metal combination, and either option contrasts extremely well against the golds and palladium we use in our palettes.

Shown below here is the same ring, made in our Firestorm palette, but with two different finishes. It’s amazing how different a ring can look just by darkening the silver layers with oxidation! The silver layers go from practically white to almost black in color.
Read more about our different finishes in this blog post.

Silver is also very ductile, it has great bonding and forging characteristics, both of which are very beneficial in making strong and stable mokume billets!

One of the core values of our business are to make mokume as affordable as possible for as many people as we can. We want to create high quality pieces at a reasonable price and keep mokume accessible when possible. Using silver layers helps greatly in lowering the production costs as opposed to making solely all gold mokume.

Will the silver layers oxidize/tarnish on their own?

No, with regular wear the silver should not oxidize on its own, silver actually only will change color if left to sit for extended periods of time or if exposed to chemicals like sulfur or chlorine! Well water may contain sulfur, so that would be something to watch for, but if your ring were to accidentally get oxidized it’s very easy to remove. Any commercial silver cleaner can easily take it right off.

The silver layers also do not compromise the structural integrity of the ring or affect the wear. It takes more than a lifetime of wear to truly wear down metal enough to compromise a ring, and this applies to precious metals like gold too. Silver wears very well, and the silver in our rings is completely nickel free, as nickel sensitivity/allergy is very common, even often leading to people thinking they have a silver allergy, but really the culprit is the nickel content!

If you’d still prefer a silver free ring, we do offer all gold palettes! We have our Blaze and Cinders palettes, which are combinations of 18kt Yellow Gold, 14kt Red Gold and 14kt Palladium White Gold.

We also offer custom billets if you want to create your own combination!

The Guri Bori Pattern

Guri Bori is one of Arn’s signature patterns, inspired by the beautiful landforms and patterns found in the western US, where he grew up. The name of the pattern actually comes from further back in history and is related to the origin of Mokume Gane itself, from the metalsmithing technique involving alternating many different color metals and carving curves and spiral patterns inspired by lacquer work in China.

They explained the history of Guri Bori in this published text which we will link to here: © Hiroko Sato Pijanowski & Gene Michael Pijanowski

Arn’s Guri Bori is a carved style pattern, executed in a similar way as the Woodgrain pattern, but with emphasis on creating a 3-D surface and texture.

One of the most unique aspects of this pattern is how customizable it is! Arn is able to create many different variations with his carving.

For example, this ring was carved specifically to resemble a topographic map of a trail very sentimental to the customers! This was a very subtle way to add a personal touch and make the pattern feel special just for them. 

This bypass style ring is another great example of how one can customize the Guri Bori pattern, this ring’s pattern has been made to be reminiscent of oceanic textures and forms. It turned out feeling very much like the shell of an oyster where this pearl would have come from!

Mokume Gane, The Art of Patience and Love.

Making mokume gane is an incredibly complicated process that is truly a labor of love. There are a handful of quality mokume gane artists in the world that are currently making mokume gane rings.  The community is small, dedicated, and inspired. The reason for this is that it takes countless hours of practice and a great amount of hand and jewelry skills and tools to create these works of art.

When you buy pre made mokume stock, it has been produced by one of these makers who sell it in bulk to jewelry supply companies.

Most mokume artists offer a small range of palettes and patterns and the reason for this is that each change in design or modification requires more and more precision, skill and time. With each new metal combination the melting point, forging point, firing schedule, and more needs to change accordingly. For each of Arn’s custom orders he must calculate and take into account the metals needed, color, patterning, stones and settings (if applicable), and any other additional design elements. Each order is individually worked out and given the needed attention and time needed. 

Arn has become widely recognized as one of the best mokume artists working today. His work is in high demand with a waitlist of 3-9 months depending on the complexity of the design. We are so incredibly grateful that Arn is able to do what he loves and is experiencing such success and recognition for his work.

We can’t thank you enough for your support! 

When you order with us we place you into our work queue and we order your metal and stones asap. The time between your initial order and when the ring is started is dependent on how long it takes to complete the orders that have already been placed, it varies depending on how booked up we are at the time. 

Each order is different, and there are also vital day to day studio operations and tasks that have to be factored in as well. So we aren’t able to know precisely when your order will be complete, but we do understand that a general estimated completion date is needed, especially as many of our customers are intending to use the rings for weddings or other planned special occasions. This is why we give an estimated window instead of a firm date. Because we’re dealing with a large number of very intricate orders and we are a team of 3 we don’t correspond often during the wait time and will only reach out once your ring is complete with photos to show you. We are not able to offer process photos due to the nature of our shop and in the interest of not disrupting the work process, but if you are interested in seeing glimpses of the studio and work area please check out our Instagram.

We hope this gives a picture of the inner workings of the studio, making mokume and our practice, and we thank you all for your ongoing support and love for Arn and his work.

Interested in a custom order? Here’s some info on getting started!

Sorting out the Details

We know choosing the details for your custom ring can be overwhelming, so many choices! So we wanted to put together a checklist of factors to consider when deciding on your ring design.

Ring Dimensions 

Ring size (if you aren’t 100% sure on your size but have a general idea, we have a ring sizer service! More info here.)Ring width.

Pattern and Palette
See all of our pattern and palette options here on our design guide page! 
Stones (if applicable)
You can repurpose stones you already have (depending on suitability and their condition), or we are happy to source stones for you!
For rings we usually recommend certain stones over others, for more info on choosing stones check out this blog post

Specific likes and/or dislikes
Each mokume ring is a unique handmade piece, there will be variations in pattern, color, etc. Please let us know if you have specific preferences, not all factors are controllable (as is the inherent nature of Mokume Gane), but we can advise on which options would be best suited for what you’re looking for.
It can be helpful to pick out a few example rings from our listings to show us what you like!

Different patterns and designs have different wait times, some rings will require only a 6-8 week timeframe, while others can be booked out 6 months or more. 
Please let us know if you have a specific date you would need to have your order delivered by! Each order in our work queue is worked through one by one, so we offer an estimated completion window rather than a firm completion date. To guarantee delivery by a specific date requires a rush order (if we are able to accommodate it in our calendar at the time).
Please contact us before returning any items. Not all custom orders may be returned. 
Our return/restock policy

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