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As artists, we feel a social responsibility to each other and to the planet. It is important to us to make the smallest footprint possible in our work and in all aspects of our business. To this end, we use recycled metals, conflict-free diamonds, and responsibly sourced stones on principle. Many of our stones are mined in the US. In addition, we often will recycle diamonds, gems and gold from family pieces to work into our one-of-a-kind jewelry and sculpture. We are a small, 5 person business located in Warren, RI and we make everything in house. Our tools and findings are all sourced in the U.S. We support small businesses.

We are proud to be an LGBTQ-friendly business.

Stone Sourcing

We are happy to help you source a stone for your custom order, we offer one complimentary round of stone sourcing as part of the custom design process. If a second round is needed we will require a non-refundable deposit that will be counted towards your order. Amount for this deposit will depend on the number of stone options requested. Should you prefer to provide your own stones, Arn Krebs Mokume will not be responsible for their quality. Upon receiving your stone I will assess its quality and inform you of any risk and liability issues that I foresee if it is used. Please inquire with us directly if you have a stone you would like to use for this design or if you need us to source a stone for you!

Timeline & Shipping Policy

We do offer a rush service so please inquire if needed. Please allow 3–4 days for your order to be processed. Our orders are 95% custom, bespoke, and complex and require a production time of 6-8 weeks for most bands and for rings with stones or custom patterns or billets depending on how many rings we have in the order queue.  Please inform us upon ordering if you need your ring for a specific date so we can work with you to meet your needs. We offer a rush service to help. Because of the handmade and custom nature of each ring we can not give hard delivery dates without a rush fee. We do offer estimates, and usually can get very close in estimating within a week or so of delivery. Our work queue is typically full and we place orders into the line as the deposit is placed. Please inquire for info on how long your order might take. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer and include the cost of insurance. The fee for shipping is waived for US Shipping. Please inquire about International Shipping Fees / Customs and import taxes- buyers are responsible for customs and import taxes that may apply. We're not responsible for delays due to customs. We cannot predict customs and import taxes as this varies by Country and is not under our jurisdiction.

We can accommodate an under 3 week delivery date with a $500 rush charge in some cases. For orders delivered in 3-6 weeks we charge $300. Please inquire what our current production schedule is as rates can change depending on availability.

Ring Sample Program

Arn Krebs Mokume offers ring samples to help customers who would like to hold the ring and see their quality in person. We understand that purchasing a ring online is a big commitment and we would like to be able to provide you with the opportunity to view rings in person so that you are able to touch and get a feeling of what the craftsmanship and feeling of the ring is.

These samples may not necessarily be the pattern, size or width that you are interested in but they will provide you with an opportunity to see the craftsmanship that goes into each ring as well as the colors and patterns of our unique rings. You can choose which ring (s) you would like to see from our available now section which is the inventory we currently have in stock.

Please inquire to see if we have a sample ring that closely matches your needs.We require that you pay for shipping and insurance of the ring(s) both ways. In addition, we require you to allow us to authorize the full retail value of the sample ring(s) on your credit card.

The cost of this program is $100-$300 depending on how many rings you would like to see up to 3. ($100 per ring) This fee covers shipping and insurance and is non-refundable. If you decide to proceed with your order, we will apply $75 per ring towards your order. Rings may be kept for up to 48 hours. We ask for a copy of your driver's license and your credit card info to authorize the full retail value of the rings in the event that they are not returned to us with 48 hours. Please be mindful that these rings are your responsibility while they are in your possession.

If you are interested in our Sample Ring Program, please contact us.


Because of metal market fluctuations we cannot always guarantee the accuracy of pricing on the site. Please inquire with us directly for up to date quotes.


For all custom work we require a half down deposit before beginning production. The remaining balance is due upon the shipment of your order.

By placing this deposit you agree to our shop policies and to the design notes as stated in your quote. Should you prefer smaller incremental payments let us know and we will work with you to set up a plan that accommodates your needs.

All of our listings are priced based on the cost of the band and do not include the cost of stones. We are happy to find gemstones for you, or to use yours in a custom creation. Should you prefer to provide your own stones, Arn Krebs Mokume will not be responsible for their quality. Upon receiving your stone Arn will assess its quality and inform you of any risk and liability issues that he foresees if it is used.

Preferred payment via credit card on our invoices, but we also accept PayPal, Square, and check.


Should you be unsatisfied with your purchase we are more than willing to alter the item to your liking or we will take your perfect condition custom ring return for a 30%-50% restocking fee plus any applicable setting and customization fees. Returns are accepted within a 30 day window of your receiving the completed ring.

We charge a 30% restock fee on cancellations as well.
If you are unsatisfied with your piece please contact us so we can work with you to make sure all alterations meet your needs before returning a piece. We are proud of the integrity of our work and have never had a dissatisfied customer.

PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE RETURNING ANY ITEM. You can send us a message here or email us at

Resizing and Repair Policy

Sizing is an art and not a science, and although a size indicates a certain diameter ring, measuring tools used can vary across the industry. So, if you'd like we can send you some of our sizers to try out for a $75 fee. Finger size also fluctuates with heat and cold, salt intake etc. So we ask that you wear your ring sizer over the course of a week or so to become comfortable with how the ring will fit in different conditions.

A properly fit ring should go on easily and require 2-3 seconds of gentle pulling while rocking over the knuckle. The ring should not be painful or cutting off circulation while on.

We will include a few options for sizes, please let us know as soon as possible which size you would prefer, as we need to know your size before beginning work on your ring!

We aren’t able to provide sizers in all available widths, so keep in mind that if your ring is a greater width than the sizer it will be a tighter fit and if it is less width it will be looser. If you have an inexpensive ring that fits you well you are welcome to send that to us along with the sizers. We will return it to you with your ring.

Please note that all sizers received MUST be returned at the end of the two week trial period, or you will be charged $200 so we can replace them.

If you use the sizer service and your ring arrives and does not fit, we offer one complimentary resizing to correct it!

Otherwise resizing bands is $150.

Resizing on our rings with stones are priced individually as they require removing and re-setting the stones. Sizing for rings with stones can become costly and we ask that you take care in choosing your ring size.

We guarantee any ring that we make and offer repairs and resizing services on our work. We can’t guarantee any of our work is brought to another jeweler and altered in any way after it has left our shop.

Warranty & Craftsmanship

All pieces purchased from Arn Krebs Mokume are guaranteed to be high quality and of supreme craftsmanship. A note from Arn on durability and wear: My Mokume rings are heirloom quality and will wear as well as any solid gold ring. Years of experience using solid state diffusion bonding and the use of specialized aerospace material compression blocks make my billet lamination top quality, providing a material as strong as any solid metal. If you have a concern please contact us about a return for assessment and repair. If after return it is determined to indeed be flawed, it will be repaired and returned without charge to you. Items exposed to abuse or adverse environments are not guaranteed. Stones and stone settings can break when struck with hard materials such as steel or stone and in these cases they are not guaranteed. We also cannot anticipate any allergic reactions to materials used in our piece, or slight variations in texture or color or patterns due to the handmade nature of the work. It is the customer’s responsibility to order the correct ring size. We are happy to send ring sizers and help with this.

Natural Wear and Patina

Is there any special care for Mokume?

Mokume rings, just like gold or silver jewelry, develop fine scratches with wear that will build up over time to create a beautiful patina. The more the item is worn, the quicker the natural patina will develop, which will bring out the natural beauty of the Mokume Gane. If at any point you would like to refresh the surface you can gently rub your ring with a Scotch-Brite pad. Keep in mind that doing so will remove a fine layer of metal, so this isn’t to be done on a regular basis.

If you would like to darken or freshen up your oxidation, you can do so at home with Liver of Sulfur, we recommend purchasing some in gel form for ease of application. Apply a small amount of the gel and rub it in all over the ring’s surface. Let sit for a few seconds and then wipe off the excess. Note that any form of chlorine will also darken your oxidation, so a dip in the pool would also have the same effect!


Any ring photographs or drawings created for or by Arn Krebs are protected by copyright laws and shall be treated as private property. Re-use of any of these items require explicit approval in writing by Arn before being reproduced either digitally or in life. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

We reserve the right to refuse service at our discretion at any time.

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